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Many of you have been waiting for me to publish a book in English.

Finally, my latest book is out in both Kindle and paperback form, now available from in the U.S. and worldwide.


It is a modern, historical romance based on the file that the East German Secret Police (called Stasi) kept on me.

The title is:

THE RISK: Forbidden Love Behind the Iron Curtain.

For the link to Amazon, click   HERE  


Das Wagnis (The Adventure)

This story is Dorothe D. Kress's first autobiographical book about East Germany, in which she describes why an East German teacher decides to marry an American in 1989.  

Wagnis in Amerika (Adventure in America) 

An East German woman has obtained permission to leave her home from behind the Iron Curtain and emigrate to the USA. This autobiographical book tells of life and challenges in a foreign country.

Unvergessliches Japan (Unforgettable Japan)

Experiences in the land of the rising sun.  Let yourself be whisked away to a country that still seems to be a mystery to visitors, and enjoy the numerous photos that put a particularly attractive stamp on the book.

Thank You!

I would like to express my sincere thanks to my readers who have contacted me with their opinion about my books. Your praise and approval in reviews on Amazon, in private conversations, in letters and emails or during my readings make me very happy. Your constructive criticism and tips are valuable and inspire me. 


I look forward to future discussions. If you want to contact me, use the Contact tab above.


Dorothe Kress, California, United States, Author

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