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Winner of Gold Award


On June 25, 2023, my husband and I were invited to the 29th Annual Book Award Banquet of Northern California Publishers & Authors at Cherry Island Golf Club in Elverta, CA.

I’m happy to report that I won the Gold Award for Fiction -
orbidden Love Behind the Iron Curtain

Book Award June 25- 2023.jpg
The Risk-Medium-29-Jun-2023-IMG_5972.jpg

It is a modern, historical romance based on the file that the East German Secret Police (called Stasi) kept on me. The title is:

THE RISK: Forbidden Love Behind the Iron Curtain.

For the link to Amazon, click   HERE  

Meet the Author Series

"Dorothe Kress spoke to a standing room only audience in the community's Orchard Creek Lodge about her book The Risk: Forbidden Love Behind the Iron Curtain. Dorothe painted a vivid picture of life behind the iron curtain, and the difficulties of not conforming to expectations. She shared pictures from her life in Germany, and read passages from her book to the audience."

- Sarah K.

Phoenix High School Donation to the Principal Chuck Whitecotton
"Thank you to author, Dorothe Kress.

  surprised the school with a financial donation to be used for the student leadership program. We are so very grateful and humbled by all of Dorothe's kindness."


Presentation at the Woman's Club
I spoke at the Woman’s Club Lincoln, CA on April 25, 2023, about my life in East Germany and received many positive responses about my presentation.

02-Beautiful historic building at the Woman's Club in Lincoln, CA_2760.JPG

Thank You!

Your praise and constructive criticism are valuable and inspire me.  If you want to contact me, use the Contact tab above.


Dorothe Kress, California, United States, Author and Speaker

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