The Risk: Love Behind the Iron Curtain (English)

A thriller of a story…begins slowly…builds with powerful tension to an uncertain ending.

Based on a true story, Kristina has grown up in the German Democratic Republic (East Germany), comfortable and unquestioning of the totalitarian system that governs and controls her life…the Secret Police, Stasi, has always been only quietly frightening background noise…

…when she falls in love with an American man, the Stasi begins to take an increased interest in her…she discovers just how all-powerful, arbitrary, and menacing a police state can be for those who challenge the system. 

A great read that you will not want to put down until the suspense-filled end. This compelling love story is inspired by the author’s own file the Stasi of East Germany kept on her.

ISBN-13: 978-1-956635-93-5

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The Adventure (German)

The story of an exit

Kristina, a teacher, widowed, lives with her two children behind the Iron Curtain in a remote Ore Mountain village in East Germany during the mid-1980s.  Her future seems predestined and bleak in the increasingly stagnant and everyday shortages of the German Democratic Republic.  

The book tells not only about the arduous path of a life decision, but also about the search of a young woman for love. The author details an important historical era of German history.


The book was published in German by NOTschriften Verlag, Radebeul / Dresden, and is available from , and as both a paperback and as an

e-book. ISBN 978-3-940200-68-6.

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Adventure in America (German)

Fresh start abroad

In August 1989, Kristina is allowed to leave the small Ore Mountain village and emigrate to the USA with her two children to start a life together with her new American husband.

How can Kristina and her children gain a foothold in the United States? How can the love between the German and the American withstand the difficulties? 

This autobiographical book tells of a new beginning in a foreign world and the power of love to handle the future.

Available in German by and as paperback and as e-book. 

ISBN 978-3-945481-07-3.

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Unforgettable Japan (German)

Experiences in the land of the rising sun

Marvel and smile at the experiences and impressions of the author who visited Japan for several weeks, made many friends and encountered some unusual things. Come along and visit some private homes, small towns and the metropolis of Tokyo.

Let yourself be whisked away to a country that still seems to be a mystery to visitors, and enjoy the numerous photos that put a particularly attractive stamp on the book.

Available in German at and

 Excerpt - Unforgettable Japan (in German) 

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